Your Own School?

Well, not exactly. The school is not yours but belongs to the community. But you still can fund the whole school and take pride in the fact that you personally have made it possible for the village to have a school. Schools3 is a bit too low-key to ask donors to fund a whole school. Nonetheless, over half of all schools built by Schools3 have each been funded completely by single donors.

There have been individuals:

A retired school teacher who was determined to share the gift of education with some of the world's poorest children.
A real estate investor in California who wants to share some of her good fortune has made several tax-free donations to Schools3, funding the construction of three schools.

And their have been groups:

One couple, who had each been married before, decided they didn't need traditional wedding gifts. So instead, they asked their guests to contribute to Schools3...and that group raised enough for an entire school!
Former business partners arranged, as part of the sale of their company, to have the buying company fund a school, which of course was a tax-deductible event for the buyer.

Donor Recognition

Such generosity as described above never ceases to amaze us at Schools3.  And as a small token of appreciation, we arrange to have the funded school display a plaque naming it in honor of the donor or donors.

Plus, we send the donor a replica of the plaque, construction photos, and shots of the children and adults enjoying their new school.

So if funding an entire school is something you’d like to consider, Schools3 would love to discuss it with you. 

Simply call our Secretary/CFO, 
Ms. Ann Keeble at 831-625-2498.